Monday 4 July 2016 by Lucas Wilde

‘Leave’ campaign’s Brexit strategy basically Monty Python’s retreat strategy

Monty Python run away

The ‘Leave’ campaign’s plan for a Brexit basically involves shouting “run away” and then doing so in a comical fashion.

It is thought the plan was devised by Boris Johnson after watching Monty Python’s “The Holy Grail” and mistaking it for a documentary, as he does with most films.

“It’s a flawless plan,” confirmed politico, Simon Williams.

“Staring disaster in the face and then pegging it in the opposite direction has been the foundation of politics for centuries.

“The fact it’s also the foundation of an oft-quoted Monty Python gag is pure coincidence.

“I’m looking forward to the negotiating stage, which is apparently based on the dead parrot sketch, except the parrot is played by the British economy.”

Brexiteers have strongly denied the similarity between the leading lights of their campaign, and a bunch of cowardly comedic characters.

“It is nothing but a mere coincidence,” declared Brexiteer, Jay Cooper, shouting over his shoulder while doing a silly walk down the high street.

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