Gossiping when I’m pissed just makes me British, insists Michael Gove

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After accusations that he likes a drink and a good gossip, Michael Gove has insisted that this just makes him ‘typically British’.

Ben Wallace, Boris Johnson’s former campaign manager, told the Telegraph that Michael Gove was known for knocking back a few too many drinks before engaging in gossip with just about anyone who would listen.

However Gove has defended himself against the claims.”Who doesn’t get hammered then talk about stuff you probably shouldn’t?

He told reporters, “Who doesn’t get hammered and then talk about stuff you’re not supposed to with people you definitely shouldn’t?

“Sure, with the rest of you it might be talking about what Mike and Sally in accounts got up to at the Christmas party, and for me, it might be talking about the government’s plans for media regulation with people like Rupert Murdoch, but it’s basically the same thing.

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“You have to remember that getting pissed and having a gossip is as British as crumpets and tea.

“I would hope the electorate would see a politician whose drunken lips are looser than a wizard’s sleeve as ‘one of their own’.

“Anyway, if you were married to a Daily Mail columnist like Sarah Vine you’d drink a lot, too.”