Nation just about ready for another female leader to f*ck them over

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The nation has admitted that after 26 years of post-traumatic stress treatment, it is probably just about ready for another woman to completely fuck them over.

With Theresa May now favourite to become the next prime minister, the thought of a posh woman in her fifties leading the country no longer brings involuntary shudders to millions of voters.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “As a feminist, I think it’s been too long with only men fucking us over, and I think we’re probably ready as a nation to see another woman lead the country into a period of unprecedented division and misery.

“I mean, why should screwing the country into a hole be a job that is dominated solely by men? I think women have shown in the past that they can destroy the nation’s morale just as well, if not better, than any man.

“Frankly, I can see Theresa May doing such a good job of fucking us over that she will be held in the same high regard as Margaret Thatcher in just a few short years.

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“I’d put money on it.”