‘Frankly, that Michael Gove is beyond the pale’ – Macbeth

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Lord Macbeth has broken his silence over the current state of the of the Tory leadership contest to express his disappointment.

“Look, I’ll be honest, when I was involved in politics I got up to some stuff but, frankly, that Michael Gove’s  beyond the pale,” said the 500-year-old, dead, fictional Scottish Lord.

“I mean, I did kill my King, my best mate and a couple of young boys which, I’ll grant you, is a little harsh, but I’d never have done what this Gove bloke did.”

Lord Macbeth, a committed Brexiter and total bastard, leant back and pondered the situation.

“I suppose it was the wife wasn’t it, all that business with the leaked email. You’ve got to be careful with wives,” he said, chuckling ruefully to himself.

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“Goodness knows what my missus would have got up to if she had the ear of the most powerful media mogul in the country and access to the Internet.


Mr Gove this morning was unavailable for comment, having popped out earlier for a chat with his chief advisers; three old women he met on a mist covered heath.

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