Michael Gove to run for PM after failing to get the reassurances his wife wanted

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Michael Gove has announced he will run for leadership of the Conservative party, after failing to get the reassurances about his future from Boris Johnson that were demanded by his wife.

His wife, the Daily Mail’s Sarah Vine, sent an email yesterday that explained to Gove that he would only be allowed to support Johnson if he received assurances about his role in a Boris Johnson government.

Gove did not receive those assurances, apparently, and so Vine has told him he must run for the position himself.

After an evening of saying that he really didn’t want to, Vine has left Gove in no doubt that running would be ‘in his best interests’.

Gove said in an announcement, “I have talked at length with my wife about this – well, I’ve done ‘a lot of listening’ is probably a more accurate description of the last 24 hours.

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“And as such, Sarah has convinced me that me running for prime minister is not only in the best interests of the country, but it’s also best for the well-being of my genitals.

“This could all have been avoided if Boris had promised to make me Chancellor, you should all just remember that.

“I will be available for questions later this morning, just as soon as Sarah tells me what I can wear today.”