Racists increasingly unhappy about ‘Brexiter’ slurs

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Amid growing incidents of ‘Brexiteering’ across the country since the referendum results, racists have insisted they should not be tarred with the same brush just because they voted the same way as the ‘Leavers’.

“We’ve based our hate-fuelled white-nationalism on considered thought,” said campaign leader, Graham.

“Some extremists want to relinquish privileged Single-Market access, but don’t lump us racists in with those morons.

“I’m unhappy we’re pandering to them, obviously, but not unhappy enough not to jump right into bed with them.”

Veteran race-hate campaigner, Stuart, told us, “I’m small-minded, not stupid!

“One act of mortal violence by a ‘Brexiter’ who happens to be racist and now we’re all ‘anti-EU terrorists’.

“Anti-fascists exploiting this for political aims are making themselves look stupid.”

Some racists disagree.

“I voted to wipe 350 billion off our shares,” said hate-speech enthusiast, Lisa, “we’ve too much foreign money, and now there’s Muslim Finance, coming over here, shoring up our economy, giving us sound, recession-proof investment opportunities.”

Jackie, a casual xenophobe, told us, “Our culture of poverty: gone, thanks to unbridled EU investment in our infrastructure. EU subsidies are flooding in, giving us jobs and benefits.”

Rach, a non-racist, agreed, “People don’t want decision-making representation in the world’s largest trading bloc.

“I regret the loss of pluralism; but, mine was an anti-establishment protest vote, and I wasn’t expecting it to sway the referendum, which I thought was bought and sold due to pencils.”

“Unprejudiced people need to respect this democratic decision,” concluded Graham.

“Let’s work together to install a toxic white-supremacist autocracy.”