Kay Burley spots dog with sense of economic uncertainty in his eyes

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Kay Burley has done a Kay Burley again.

The “journalist” took time off from her busy schedule of stumbling through complicated topics of debate to point out a dog that was and doubtless still is very worried for Britain’s economic future.

“His eyes said it all,” said Burley, “they spoke of panic regarding the plunging value of the pound, the concern for a privately held pension and a vague wondering about how our children’s international travel plans will be affected.

“Seeing that adorable little face is probably the most saddening part of this whole thing, to be honest. Although I know some other shit has gone down too.

“Poor little doggy. He never even got a vote. We should see about changing that, maybe we’ll call it the ‘woofragette movement’! Ha! That’s funny. I’m funny.”

Dog, Simon Williams, said, “I didn’t really know you lot were having a big decision at all, to be honest.

“I had that expression on my face because my owner had left me tied up outside a shop and, as far I was concerned, he was never coming back. But he did, so it’s fine.

“Food now, please.”