Jeremy Corbyn demands Jeremy Corbyn steps down as Labour leader

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Jeremy Corbyn has added his voice to the chorus demanding he step down as Labour leader today, before immediately rejecting it again.

Expressing the concerns of his party, Corbyn said he lacked the leadership skills and gravitas to win an election, but insisted his views were wrong and he remains the right candidate.

Corbyn was one of the few remaining sitting MPs of his own or any other party not to have called for his resignation, and he is understood to have added his voice in a spirit of inclusivity.

Acknowledging the problems with his own performance as leader, Corbyn went on to insist that he had a duty to ensure all the members of the Conservative party who paid £3 to appoint him get their money’s worth.

We spoke to Simon Williams, who was campaigning outside Parliament for Corbyn to stay on this afternoon.

“Fallout 4 cost me forty quid and entertained me for three months, whilst Jeremy cost me three and he’s entertained me for an entire year,” he told us.

“Money well spent. He’s the gift that keeps on giving.

“Save Jez! Save Jez!” he added.