Harry Kane free-kick was so far to the right it has joined Britain First

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A free-kick by England forward Harry Kane during last night’s defeat by Iceland, was so far right of centre that is has joined Britain First, according to sources this morning.

With many expecting the free-kick to remain fairly central, the huge lurch to the right was welcomed by Britain First and the EDL alike.

The free-kick is expected to become Britain First’s spokesperson on European matters, and will be held up as an example of what you can achieve when you’re white.

Britain First spokesperson Paul Golding said, “We welcome the free-kick with open arms. Like all sensible objects, it realises the only way to save our country is by veering off to the right.

“Some people will say that had the free-kick stayed central then the outcome for our nation would have been better, but that is just a Muslimist plot designed to weaken this great island nation.

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“If it were up to me the England team would refuse to take any set pieces or corners on the left.

“Let’s take our country back – from the airport, when they land in about an hour.”