Furious England fans target Iceland supermarkets

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Following England’s historic Euro 2016 humiliation to Iceland, astute fans have turned their fury on a frozen food chain.

In towns and cities across the country, irate England supporters attacked budget supermarkets that are offering great deals on King Prawn Party Rings.

In Iceland’s Coventry branch, distraught followers of Roy Hodgson’s men ran amok, turning the dials up on freezers to several degrees above zero.

And in Derby, angry fans stopped a little boy in the street and demanded to know why his Mum had gone there.

Iceland branch manager, Simon Williams, who is basically a nice bloke doing a high-pressured job, said, “I’ve put out my best squad, but sadly we are experiencing shortages of several key product lines and our Spicy Chicken Dippers are just not used to the heat.

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“Violence seems to be focused on the frozen pea aisles, but our Bernard Matthews Turkey Drumsticks have also been found wanting.”

He added, “It’s really sickening, especially if you eat any of it.”