Boris Johnson insists claims England can’t win Euro 2016 just ‘Project Fear’

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Boris Johnson has today insisted that England can still triumph in Europe and that naysayers are merely part of ‘Project Fear’.

Johnson was speaking to reporters ahead of an expected run for Prime Minister and said that the British people are sick of Europeans telling us what we can, and cannot, win.

He explained, “The experts might be saying that last night’s result means we’re not in the quarter-finals, but experts don’t know everything, remember that.

“The manager of the Dog and Duck Sunday League side, for example, strongly believes that England will make the semi-finals – or he did when I spoke to him on Saturday.

“England can go as far as it wants once freed from the shackles of bureaucracy laid down by European institutions such as UEFA.

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“If we want to be in the final, we can be in the final – it is only European rules dictating what happens when you lose a game that prevents us from achieving that dream.

“Britain can do amazing things, and as prime minister, I will lead England the final and we shall claim an unlikely victory against all the odds, regardless of what the so-called experts currently say.

“Don’t give in to Project Fear, believe it and it will happen!”