3.9 million sign petition to replay England vs Iceland

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A petition set up by disgruntled England fans to replay their side’s 2-1 European Championship defeat to Iceland has reached 3.9 million signatures.

The petition, which now triggers a debate in parliament, challenges the methods in which results of football matches are determined, particularly those which end in an unfavourable reverse.

England fan and petition owner Simon Williams felt that the failure of the England players to deliver when it mattered most necessitated a re-write of the rulebook, with a rematch being for the good of European competition.

“The result is unacceptable, unstomachable – no one wants a tiny isolationist island getting through to the next round – it must not stand,” he told us.

“No-one told the players they needed to do their bit on the pitch and score more than the opposition – in a situation as important at this the other team should have to score at least two more than England in order to secure a victory.

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“It’s just so unfair that the result isn’t the one I wanted – can we go back to the bit when we were still in Europe, please?”

UEFA have dismissed the request stating early investigations had revealed 35,000 of the signatories could be traced to a team bus exiting the Nice area of France in a directionless fashion.

A spokesperson added, “You cannot change the result, even if it was clearly determined by morons who didn’t seem to know what they were doing.

“And no, we wouldn’t have played Rooney in midfield either.”