Racists really enjoying their new mandate from the public

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Racists across the nation are happier than ever spouting their horrific opinions in public after insisting that 52% of the country agrees with them.

With cases of racial hatred showing a significant rise since the referendum result was announced on Friday morning, racists have for some reason taken the result as validation of their world-view.

“I’m glad you’ve all come round to my way of thinking and realise it’s time to send them back,” insisted racist moron Simon Williams.

“This country clearly agrees with me and voted to send all these Muslims back, so I don’t know what we’re waiting for?”

“Just this morning I reminded this woman on the bus that we won, and she lost, so now she has to go back to bongo-bongo land. But she insisted she was born in Surrey and can do what she likes – clearly she doesn’t follow the Britain First Facebook page.

“Well I do, and so I know she’s outta here, even if that means I have to scream at every single one of them I see in public to make it happen – I will do that for my country.

“The sooner we trigger article 50 to put all these immigrants on a boat somewhere, the better.”

Political analyst James Matthews said that tapping into the racist moron demographic was a key tactic for the Vote Leave campaign, when clearly the referendum result was going to be close.

He went on, “But I’ve no idea why these hateful simpletons think they’ve ‘won’ – maybe it’s something to do with two-years of anti-immigrant rhetoric from Brexiters, and UKIP having poster after poster blaming immigrants for all the country’s ills?

“But I’m just guessing.”