‘Project Fear’ to be renamed ‘Project Reality’

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Pretty much everything dismissed as Project Fear has come true this morning, leading to a quick rebranding.

As huge drops in worldwide markets transferred the contents of people’s pensions to hedge funds capable of shorting the market, senior figures in the Leave campaign have confirmed all that money promised for the NHS probably won’t happen after all.

And you’ll still be getting lots of immigrants coming into the country, they added.

Voters discovered to their shock that people who know what they’re talking about might have actually known what they were talking about a mere 48 hours too late, as their holiday plans vanished down an abominable slurping black hole in the international currency markets.

Prominent leave campaigner Boris Johnson issued a statement that of course there was a plan for what to do next, and it’s a bally super-duper plan with lots to it and it’s all bound to work if you’ll just wait a tick for the ink to dry so he can tell us all about it.

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“Actually, I think I may have left it in my other jacket,” he told reporters in his adorably bumbling way that no longer convinces anyone.

When asked what he proposed to do next, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said that what happens next is nothing to do with him and that he was going to ‘leave it up to the experts’.

In other news, the SNP have dismissed the dire warnings of what might happen if Scotland leaves the Union as ‘Project Fear’.

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