Man who didn’t vote signs online petition for another go

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A man who didn’t vote on Thursday has signed an online petition demanding that the government let him have another go.

With over 3.6 million people now signing a petition insisting the government hold the referendum again, 28-year-old Michael James said it was only fair because he didn’t have a go last week.

He explained, “I do realise that the date had been set for months, and that the tv, radio and the Internet were full of people saying I should go out and vote, but did you see the rain last Thursday?

“I’m all for the democratic process and having my say, but sometimes it’s better to stay in the warm and dry. I had a Game of Thrones box set to catch up on.

“So I signed the online petition calling for a second referendum, but I would ask that they try and arrange it on a day when the sun is shining. Otherwise, we’ll just be doing this all again afterwards.

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However, Vote Leave campaigners have insisted that being an idiot doesn’t entitle you to a ‘do-over’.

As one official explained, “I’m sorry that Michael didn’t vote and that the referendum didn’t go as he’d hoped, so how about we add his vote to the total? Look, Remain now got 16,141,242 votes.

“Happy now?”

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