Racists delighted

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Every bigot you’ve ever met is a little bit happier this morning.

Britain will leave the EU in a result that wasn’t fuelled by hatred or racism by everyone, or even the majority, but nonetheless a result that absolutely every racist was definitely hoping for.

“Yay!” said racist, Simon Williams.

“What a great morning to be British – like every morning, obviously, as every other nation is inferior.

“But this morning is just super-bloody-duper.

“The moment I saw the news I looked at my collection of stuffed gollywogs and said ‘boys, we are back in business’. Because the EU banned gollywogs, you see. PC gone mad, I tell you that.”

Reasonable Brexiteer, Kevin Carmichael, said, “it is a shame that we seem to attract the racists.”

“I guess that’s the risk you take when you run a campaign based on a simple fear of brown people but hey, we got the votes and we won, and that’s all that matters.

“Yes it is. You just watch.”