‘Does this tie look Priministerial?’ Boris Johnson asks wife

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Boris Johnson is spending an unusually long time picking his tie this morning, according to sources.

Just moments after David Cameron announced he will stand down as Prime Minister before October, Johnson decided that how he looks on camera today might be a little more important than normal.

“What about this one?” Johnson asked his wife, Marina.

“Do you think this tie screams ‘leadership material’ whilst also offering enough distraction from the dodgy promises I made during the referendum campaign?

“Or do you think I should go for something a little more subtle, which says ‘I can be trusted to run the country, but it’s probably best that we wait a few weeks until you’re no longer picturing me in front of that bloody bus’?

“Not a red one though, right?”

Johnson is currently eating his Frosties while he and his wife discuss what sort of job they’re going to have to give to Nigel Farage.