Britons buying Euromillions tickets whilst they still can

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British Lottery vendors are expecting a rush on Euromillions tickets whilst they’re still available, they have announced today.

The possibility of winning the Euromillions jackpot, which has in the past reached tens if not hundreds of millions of pounds, has suddenly become a great deal more popular in the UK than it was yesterday.

Money savvy customers are understood to be investing large sums in lottery tickets in the hope of winning a vast sum of money very, very quickly indeed in order to buy spam and gold.

This is based upon fears that the EU might withdraw the tickets to one of the world’s largest jackpots almost immediately.

“Obviously, I voted to leave the EU and now I want to buy a villa somewhere like Spain or the South of France whilst I still can,” voter Simon Williams told us.

“Otherwise, I might have to stick around for the consequences, which doesn’t really seem on to me.

“I hear the Cap d’Antibes is very nice this time of year. Not many immigrants except me, hopefully.” he added.

Lottery organisers are expected to raise the price of tickets to £2.50 to take into account the recent fall in the value of the pound.