Britain still hoping for arrival of the Dragon Queen

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Britain is hoping for a hot blonde on a dragon to show up and wreak havoc sometime today, we can report.

In the aftermath of what has been described as ‘the battle of the bastards’, many feel some vengeance-inspired dragonfire carnage is just what’s needed to brighten the day up.

As one Twitter commentator explained, “I’ve just watched my second Battle of the Bastards in a week, and yet nobody was beheaded, disemboweled or eaten alive by dogs in this second one. Disappointing.”

An online petition swearing fealty to ‘any woman with dragons’ has already gathered over 13,000,000 signatures in a matter of hours.

“Well, Queen Elizabeth is great and that, but I think we need a bit more oomph just now,” said local voter Simon Wildlingiams.

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“I know she likes riding and Prince Philip had something of the dashing foreign warlord about him in his youth, but they lack a certain dragonishness which I think crucial under the circumstances.

“Mother of Charles just doesn’t have that same ring to it, I’m afraid.”