Britain discovers one weird trick to lose pounds overnight

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Local nation Britain is the envy of other countries after discovering a weird trick to lose huge numbers of pounds in a single day.

Economists hate the country for revealing the secret to making the pounds fall away and making sure they’ll never come back.

Local man Simon Williams discovered the trick takes almost no effort, and simply by holding a pen and moving his fingers slightly he lost an incredible number of pounds, and quite a lot of Euros and Dollars as well.

“People told me I shouldn’t share my secret”, he told us.

“You know, professionals, experts, politicians, economists, scientists, businesspeople, that sort of person.

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“Not to mention trades unionists, manufacturers, military and political allies, charities and the NHS.

“But this is too important not to share – with my Brex-plan diet the pounds fall away like they never were!”

Simon plans to market his secret to other countries who are also keen to lose unsightly financial assets.