‘Just read that final table to us will you?’ Iceland asks Ronaldo

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Iceland has asked Cristiano Ronaldo to read them the final standings for their Euro 2016 group, claiming that they’ve left their glasses at home and can’t make out who finished where.

“We think that we have qualified for the next round but are unsure where we finished, and the font used on the table is quite small,” said Lars Lagerbäck, Iceland’s joint manager, squinting exaggeratedly.

“We can only assume that we have finished behind the mighty Portugal, led heroically by Ronaldo, but we would like confirmation.”

Ronaldo, who criticised Iceland’s “small mentality” after the smallest nation to ever qualify for the European Championships put in a defensive performance in their first match, responded by mumbling “…hungaryicelandportugalaustria…”, while wearing nothing but his pants.

The entire Iceland squad then shouted “Louder, we can’t hear you!”, before the Real Madrid star stormed off, after throwing a microphone into a lake.

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