Biggest democratic decision in generation to be decided by need for umbrella

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As voting in the referendum begins, experts are predicting that the final result will hinge on how much water people think will fall out of the sky on their walk to the polling booth.

Weather forecasts for the south-east include rain, thunder and potentially lightning, and many voters have admitted that maybe it’s not that important to go out and exercise your democratic right after all.

Voter, Simon Williams, 35, told us, “I get that being in the EU is better for us economically, I really do.

“And I know that although it’s far from perfect, the EU does more good things than it does bad things, but the flip side of the argument is that I just got my coat dry cleaned.

“So it’s a tough one, you know? I think I’ll decide whether to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to shape our nation’s future when I see if it brightens up a bit later, ok?”

Meanwhile, 65-year-old Reg Matthews told us, “My Grandad fought in the war, so trust me when I tell you that I would wade through molten lava to get rid of the Nazis in the EU and their goose-stepping army – a bit of rain makes no different to me!”

At the time of writing, both campaign teams were desperately pressing refresh on the Met Office website.