Gigantic sea monster spotted on Google Earth identified as Cthulhu

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A gigantic Kraken-like sea monster spotted on Google Earth has been positively identified as the alien demon-god Cthulhu risen from his eternal slumber today.

Ancient texts have long spoken of the terrible sea-beast which slumbers in the depths, although a lack of positive modern sightings had led most experts to conclude the stories were just myths made up by ancient travellers and insane prophets mostly from coastal communities to impress girls.

However, a video posted to Youtube by user Niell O’Thotep appears to show a blasphemous horror arising from the depths close to Deception Island in the South Atlantic to bring despair for eternity upon benighted humanity, much to the excitement of the online community.

The film of the tentacled monstrosity has gone viral, with internet users gleefully sharing the imminent destruction of earthly civilisation and speculating about how the end will come.

In his description, O’Thotep says ‘Guys, this is way cool. Spotted this on Google Earth in the South Atlantic and it looks like ogodogodogodftaghnftaghncthulhuaii’aaa’, which some commentators have interpreted as excitement at the discovery.

Many have expressed surprise that something of that size can survive in the great southern ocean for so long, although experts have noted that what is not dead can eternal lie.

Updated pictures from Google Earth show the titanic form moving slowly towards the coast of South America, where former Argentinian President Christina Kirchner is expected to greet the unholy terror whom many believe to be her biological father.