‘Der-brain’ to be officially retired as insult

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Popular 70s playground taunt ‘Der-brain’ is to be officially retired as an insult.

“The last recorded use of ‘Der-brain’ was in 1999,” said Professor Simon Williams from the British institute of insults, swearing, and rude words.

“And we think that might have actually been ironic, so we think its time is over”

All forms of ‘Der-brain’ will be retired.

“Both the standard insult and the more advanced variation where the perpetrator shouts ‘Der-brain’ and then puts his or her tongue between their bottom lip and teeth whilst rotating a pointed index finger at the side of the head.”

‘Der-Brain,’ will join ‘Div,’ ‘Gaylord,’, and ‘Pillock,’ in 2016 insult retirement.

“It’s always a shame to see much-loved insults retired,” said Professor Williams.

“Personally, I was distraught when we lost ‘spakka’ in 1991 as that had always been a great favourite of my Father’s.”

However, the insults, once retired, won’t be forgotten.

“No, here at the institute we have a duty to preserve all historical insults, and ‘Der-brain’ will be entered into the ‘Museum of Insulting behaviour,’ which everyone is welcome to visit and see the work we do preserving much-loved insults.”

“In fact, we have a special interactive weekend where visitors will actually be able to try out the fabulous 70s insult ‘Joey’ for themselves, which is very exciting.”

‘Der-brain’ will be officially retired on 31st July at midnight, and any uses of the phrase after that time will not be considered insulting.