Violent jingoistic rhetoric ‘not reason’ people commit violence while quoting jingoistic rhetoric, claim Britain First

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There is no proof that constantly spouting violent, jingoistic rhetoric at morons on the Internet causes people to use violence while quoting jingoistic rhetoric, according to Britain First this morning.

The right-wing group insisted that constantly calling on people to take up the fight against people who dare to try and create a welcoming society for everyone, is not the reason people literally take up the fight against people trying to make a welcoming society for everyone.

Britain First leader, Paul Golding, wasted no time in claiming that the man who shot and killed MP Jo Cox could have meant something completely different when he shouted, “Britain First!”.

In a formal statement on the Britain First Facebook page, Golding said, “This man could have been calling for more investment in our Olympic programme, or for Britain to appear at the front of all English dictionaries – it doesn’t necessarily mean he was shouting in support of our group and the things we say.

“Just because we are constantly calling for our followers to ‘fight’ for our extremely narrow view of what Britain should be, is not the reason why people might do just that.

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“When we called on our followers to take up arms in ‘militant direct action’, we didn’t mean this kind of militant direct action; we meant a different kind. The good kind.

“No, it’s not our fault, and no, we don’t have blood on our hands, fuck off.”