Raheem Sterling awarded man of the match by Wales

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Raheem Sterling has been formally recognised for his invaluable contribution to the Welsh team against England in the European Championships.

Sterling, who appeared to decide which direction to kick the ball by rolling a dice or a consulting a deck of tarot cards, was identified by Welsh fans as having done the most of anyone on the pitch to try to defeat deadly rivals England.

Sadly Sterling’s efforts weren’t enough to secure a victory for Wales but fans decided his efforts deserved acknowledgement.

He beat off a strong challenge by Harry Kane for the award, whose ability to turn a dead ball situation against England helped swing the game in Wales’ favour several times.

Meanwhile, Joe Hart was praised by Wales fans for being head and shoulders above the usual standard of goalkeeping found when their team are on the pitch.

“Sterling is one of those players whose contribution is unmissable,” said Welsh fan Gareth Williams.

“Whenever England got the ball, there he was making sure Wales got it back. If England had a shot on goal, we could rely on Sterling to nudge it wide or smack it over the crossbar.

“Without him, it could easily have been three or even four-nil. He really put in a phenomenal performance for Wales.

“Eh? What? You mean he’s not on our team?”