Experts hail Nigel Farage’s innovative new ‘let the refugees die’ narrative

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A desire to let refugees die is likely to be a huge vote winner for the Leave campaign, according to experts today.

As Nigel Farage stood proudly in front of a new billboard showing Syrian refugees fleeing civil war, he explained the Britain was full and people running away from bombs are ‘not my problem’.

The billboard has proven popular with the core UKIP demographic.

UKIP supporter Simon Williams told us, “He’s trying something new, and I like that. This whole debate has shameful focussed solely on the economics lately, so it’s nice to see one of the major figures in this referendum pushing ideas that people want to hear.”

“I don’t want help refugees just because my country dropped bombs on their houses. If they have to die so the M4 is a little less busy in rush hour; then I’m afraid that’s the price they pay.”

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Political analyst Humphrey Hughes explained, “Before the last election Nigel Farage called on the country to let migrants die of Aids, so this is just a continuation of that successful strategy.

“It worked last May when millions voted for UKIP, so it should work on 23rd.”

Williams had the last word, concluding, “I had to wait three hours to see a doctor in A&E when I sprained my ankle last month, so when Nigel Farage stands in front of a billboard showing refugees fleeing Syria into Slovenia, I know it was their fault.”

“I know that Nigel has my well-being as his number one priority.”