Daily Mail trying hard to avoid saying Thomas Mair agreed with everything they write

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The man arrested for killing MP Jo Cox is mentally ill, and not a firm believer in the sort of thing regularly printed in the Daily Mail, according to the Daily Mail today.

The ‘newspaper’ that takes an anti-immigrant right-wing position on all issues, is keen not to show a link with the anti-immigrant right-wing positions of Thomas Mair.

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre explained, “Yes, the Daily Mail consistently writes that the country is under siege from immigrants and Muslims, but I don’t see what that’s got to do with someone doing something awful because they think the country is under siege from immigrants and Muslims?

“A murderer wanting to ‘take his country back’ could not have been influenced by our numerous front page stories about needing to take our country back. That’s just a massive leap I’m afraid. How can you even try to connect to the two things?

“He was a loner, a gardener, and had mental health issues – that’s why he killed an MP known for her work with migrants and refugees. Nothing to do with his right-wing beliefs or the fact he shouted ‘Britain First’ before shooting her – that’s irrelevant.”

Non-moron Simon Williams said that agreeing with the Daily Mail should be the first indication that mental illness might be an issue.

He went on, “Mental illness doesn’t make you kill people, obviously – despite what the Daily Mail likes to think.

“People kill people when they can’t control their anger about what they see, hear and read.

“Now, if only we knew where people could regularly read sensationalist headlines designed to make people angry about immigrants – any ideas?”

I think, therefore, I am (not a Daily Mail reader)