Calls for UN to provide humanitarian aid to Southern Rail passengers

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As desperate scenes of human suffering play out at Southern Rail stations across Sussex, London, and Surrey, the UN has been urged to step in and provide much-needed aid.

As part of an increasingly bitter campaign against the RMT, Southern Rail, with the support of Rail Minister Claire Perry, have been cancelling hundreds of services on a daily basis, leading to harrowing scenes across the network.

“I’ve been waiting for the 17.40 service to Brighton since Tuesday,” said Simon Williams, a commuter in advanced stages of malnutrition, at London Bridge station.

“I’m not even sure what year my kids are in at school, it’s been so long since I’ve seen them,” said Eleanor Gay, her hollow eyes haunted by the horror of travelling by Southern Rail.

Around the concourses of London Bridge and London Victoria, small groups of men and women huddle together for support and warmth as they swap rumours of potential services that may be running, or remember better times when their train company actually ran trains.

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Although the parochial nature of the dispute means that interest has been localised, it is feared that similar scenes could soon be played out across the country as the Government seeks to bring in swathing cuts to the entire rail system.

The casualties in all this though are passengers like Simon and Eleanor who just want to get home in time for Corrie, and surely it is time for the UN to intercede and provide food, water, blankets and televisions showing Corrie for all those who are suffering.