Taylor Swift already trying to think of a rhyme for ‘Hiddleston’

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Pop singer Taylor Swift is already trying to think of rhymes for ‘Hiddleston’ in preparation for the song she’ll write about their messy breakup.

Insiders from the singer’s entourage report that a notebook with phrases like ‘Diddlescum’, ‘Fiddles ’til I’m numb’ and ‘Widdles-cum’ has appeared by her bed since she was spotted cuddling the Avengers star earlier in the week.

‘Widdles-cum’ is understood to have repeatedly been crossed out very heavily.

Producers at Swift’s recording label are understood to fear a repeat of what they call ‘the Gyllenhall incident’, where she went into a six-month creative decline before finally accepting defeat and rhyming ‘Jake’ with ‘fake’.

“We thought she’d learned her lesson after dating Taylor Lautner as nothing rhymes with that except ‘court’n her’,” music industry spokesman Simon Will.i.ams told us.

“After that, Calvin Harris was a sensible choice.

“Just rhyme Harris/ caress/ embarrass and you’ve got two number 1 singles and a world tour. Easy.”

Swift’s management are understood to be trying to set her up on a date with actor Taylor Kitsch, because loads of words rhyme with that.

Cover art for forthcoming albums titled ‘Bitch’, ‘Snitch’ and ‘Twitch’ has already been commissioned.