Brexit means we’d get back £100bn lost on FTSE in just 12 years, claims Vote Leave

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After £100bn was lost on the FTSE in just four days due to Brexit concerns, Vote Leave said we’d get that back in just twelve years when we don’t have to pay a membership fee to the EU.

As the FTSE 100 dropped below 6,000 due to market concerns about the potential impact of a Brexit, Vote Leave said Britain outside the EU would make that up in no time.

Vote Leave campaigner Simon Williams told us, “Yes, the stock market has dropped because it looks like Brexit might become a reality, and yes that means it is already affecting the investments and pensions of pretty much everyone in the country, but this is not bad news.

“Remember, when we leave, we’ll no longer have to pay an EU membership fee, which works out to about £8.5bn a year – so in just twelve years we’ll have got that £100bn we lost in four days, no bother.

“So please don’t let the bankers and economists make you think this is bad news, and remember, if you’re one of the lucky ones that have no savings, investments or a pension, this probably won’t have affected you at all.

“If you do have a pension, then the performance of FTSE directly affects how much money you’ll have in your retirement – but please don’t think about that, because that’s what Remain’s project fear wants you to do.

“Nasty evil Remain campaign, trying to emphasise how leaving the EU will make you poorer. Awful people, really.”