Wednesday 15 June 2016 by Sam Andrew-Power

Police baffled as man steals child’s nose

Child nose

Police are today still searching for a man believed to have stolen a child’s nose on Saturday afternoon.

The incident took place during a child’s birthday party where the victim was a guest, and today the child made a public appeal for help in tracking down the man.

“I was so scared,” six-year-old Jake Matthews told gathered reporters.

The visibly upset Matthews continued, “He said ‘got your nose’ and, while at first I was sceptical, I then saw that he clearly had it between his finger and thumb.”

The local police chief, Simon Williams, has assured the public that a team has been set up to bring the man to justice, and to return the stolen nose.

“We have a good description, both of the assailant, and of the missing nose, but I would ask any members of the public how may have seen this nose come forward.

“You can rest assured any information would be treated in the utmost confidence.”

However, he has also issued a warning, encouraging people to remain vigilant and report any missing facial features immediately.

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