‘Experts don’t know everything’ explains Farage after taking up smoking again

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Nigel Farage has started smoking cigarettes again after insisting that “doctors have got it wrong on smoking.”

The UKIP leader and Leave campaigner explained that “so-called experts don’t know everything” and that we would all be better off outside the “anti-smoking lobby”.

He told reporters, “As a British patriot I think I’m better off smoking, and that should be my choice despite what so-called experts tell you.”

“For years now, we’ve been told what our lungs can, or cannot, handle by these medical shills who are clearly in the pockets of big-pharma.

“All they talk about is ‘cancer this’, and ’emphysema that’ – it’s project fear at its very worst.

“Why are we so afraid to go it alone and let our lungs make up their own minds? Are they suddenly going to lose access to the air they breathe if we start smoking again? Of course not.

“I’ve found some people on the Internet who say my lungs might even grow in size once I start smoking again. Sure, the medical experts claim that won’t happen, but what do they know, really.

“If I listened to experts I’d never do half the things I enjoy doing, like drinking, smoking, and berating immigrants for all the world’s problems – which is why we’re all better off outside the influence of experts.

“I would tell all hard-working British voters, don’t listen to the experts, listen to your lungs, and if they tell you they can handle it then go right ahead and fill them up with cigarette smoke as often as you like.

“Oh, and vote Leave.”