Donald Trump unveils today’s gun control position

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Donald Trump has revealed what he thinks about gun control today, with a proposal to ban people on terrorism watch lists from buying guns.

Trump announced the change in position after spending literally moments considering it in his head between potential sandwich orders and an idea for Trump milkshakes.

The presumptive Republican nominee for president decided that he would make a sweeping change to his previous stance of staunchly supporting second amendment rights, which itself was a sweeping change from a previous stance of trying to ban assault rifles.

He told reporters at a rally, “I think – and I just thought of this – that we probably shouldn’t let people we think are connected to terrorism, buy guns. Just an idea, but I do have the best ideas.

“I think I’ll call the NRA in the morning, and we can have a chat about it, I’m sure they won’t have a problem with it.

Trump’s campaign was challenged by some commentators for flip-flopping yet again on a major issue.

Spokesperson Chuck Williams told us, “If you don’t like Donald’s position on a particular issue, come and see him tomorrow because you might like the position he has then instead.”

Democrats have welcomed Trump stepping into the world of reality with his latest proposal.

As one senior party official explained, “This is probably the most sensible thing Donald Trump has said in his entire run for office, which is why the Republican party and the NRA will undoubtedly reject it.

“I would imagine he’ll be back to saying anyone who wants a gun can have a gun by mid-afternoon on Thursday, at the latest.”