Owen Jones walks out after Sky News refuse to admit holocaust was anti-semitic

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The holocaust was as much an attack on normal German people as it was an attack on Jews, according to Sky news today.

Columnist Owen Jones walked out of a television review of newspapers from the 1940s after Sky News refused to acknowledge that the mass murder of Jewish people was instigated primarily due to a hatred of Jewish people.

Sky News host Mark Longhurst said, “Of course Jewish people were killed, and Hitler almost certainly didn’t like Jews, but the holocaust was also an attack on the way of life of normal Germans who happen to be Jewish.”

“I’m not defending the holocaust, obviously, I’m just saying that we shouldn’t define it as an anti-semitic attack first and foremost.

Co-panelist and journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer said, “Just because all the victims were Jews, and they were selected because they were Jews, by a man who really hated Jews, doesn’t mean this was primarily an attack against Jews.

“It was terrorism first and foremost.  Hitler could just have easily have killed me because I’m a gobby woman.”