Donald Trump calls for ban on non-white Americans born in New York

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After it was revealed that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was a US citizen born in New York, Donald Trump has extended his proposed ban on Muslims to include non-whites born in the United States.

Trump told Twitter that he was so tired of constantly winning the ‘predicting terrorism’ game, and that now was time to extend his ban on Muslims to include American citizens who aren’t quite white enough.

He wrote, “We need to ban New Yorkers who look a bit on the brown side until we can figure out what the hell is going on!”

He also called on President Obama to resign for failing to lay the blame for the shooting on mentally ill New Yorkers.

“He should quit now. Everyone can see this atrocity was committed by a New Yorker with mental problems – but where is the condemnation?”

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Many right-wing commentators have been quick to praise Donald Trump’s accurate prediction that there would be another terrorist attack on American soil.

As one radio host told his audience, “It takes a special kind of presidential talent to predict a terrorist atrocity at a time when the current terror alert status literally says ‘Significant risk of terror attacks’ – it’s almost Nostradamus-esque.”

However, some Democrats have also welcomed Donald’s latest outburst, with one explaining, “He wants an immediate ban on ‘non-white New Yorkers’?

“Well, I would best describe Donald as an ‘orange’, so if he’s going to ban himself then I’m all for it.”

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