Violence erupts during Euro 2016 office sweepstake

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England fans have clashed at an IT firm in Ellesmere Port following a controversial last-minute office sweepstake.

Police were called break up a series of ‘sickening’ disturbances at West Cheshire IT Solutions after ‘Mad’ Si Williams from Helpdesk drew Albania.

Company officials described some of the ‘worst scenes’ since the 2014 World Cup when Software Developer, Nigel “Nutter” Adams, was handed 1000-1 outsiders Iran.

Williams is said to have lost it when Helpdesk Manager, Tony Wolfe, drew favourites Germany in a suspicious echo of events two years ago.

Police Constable, Reginald Smithies, said, “A number of chairs were thrown and an HP LaserJet X8000 printer was ripped from its moorings.”

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Wolfe said, “On receiving the small strip of paper bearing his allocated team, Simon grabbed my lapels and asked me if I ‘fucking wanted some’.

“Frankly, his anger is unjustified. Albania have some good players and are not short of technical ability, despite conceding more than twenty goals during qualification.

“It’s the appraisals in July and I take a very dim view of having my jaw broken in three places.”

Williams added, “It’s a fucking fix, but I’ll be quids in come Wimbledon.

“I’ve only gone and drawn Andy Murray.”

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