Friday 10 June 2016 by Alex Webster

How come our managers are sacked less often than football ones, ask office workers

Office workers unhappy manager doesn't get sacked

Office workers are starting to ask why their managers remain in work longer than people who can organise a football team.

Simon Williams, a claims adjuster and non-football fan from Glasgow told reporters, “Recently I read about a man that managed a large and successful premier league football team, and also secured a prestigious trophy for said team – but then was sacked.

“Our office manager only has to organise a group roughly half the size of a football team and can’t even remember to order the staples every week. Yet somehow he remains in a job?

“I always thought a team manager was a purely ceremonial post, like Blackrod or Santa Claus, who was then ritualistically fired at the end of every season.

I’ve since realised that somehow, a person who can’t send email attachments by themselves inexplicably has better job security and value than a person who has been entrusted with the success of a multi million pound professional sports team.

“Also, I bet Louis Van Gaal doesn’t insist on having a better chair than everybody else, or try to get off with the PAs at the Christmas party.”

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