Brexit now a verb

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Linguists and right-thinking people have been left horrified by recent developments that have seen Brexit mutate from noun to verb.

It was first noticed when a lady on Any Questions last Friday used the phrase – ‘if we Brexit…’ to preface a question.

This was followed up by several further uses on the two-hour ITV EU slanging match yesterday evening.

“This is really worrying,” said Simon Williams, professor of horrific linguistics at Oxford University.

“Changing a noun to a verb isn’t unusual, we’ve seen it with the sort of twats who claim to be ‘in business’ doing so with words such as meeting, dialogue, and deathsquad.

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“But this is the first time we’ve seen a word as viscerally irritating as ‘Brexit’ become a verb.”

The public, however, seemed indifferent.

“Brexiting?” Said mum of nine Eleanor Gay.

“Yeah, I mean it’s annoying and everything, but it’s not really as annoying as either side in the debate being unable to produce anything like a coherent and intelligent debate about ideals and ideas as opposed to slinging half-baked statistics at each other.”

With two weeks of the campaign left to run, there are fears that we could see further perversions heaped on the word with Brexitation, Brexitise, and Brexlax all being spoken of in hushed tones.

In other developments, a campaigner on the ‘Stronger in Europe’ campaign found trying to use the word ‘Brexin’ has been summarily executed.

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