Three months wasn’t long enough, claims man who couldn’t register to vote at 11:50pm

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Voter Simon Williams has criticised the government for having a voter registration website that doesn’t cater for the extremely disorganised.

Williams insisted that leaving something to the very last-minute is a typically British trait and that the government should have expected everyone to visit the site in the few minutes before the deadline passed.

He told reporters, “I tried to register to vote at ten to midnight, as is my democratic right, and the systems just couldn’t cope – it’s ridiculous that this government still hasn’t realised how lazy we all are, and still can’t build a system to handle us.

“It doesn’t matter how long voter registration is open, everyone knows 25% of the population will try to do it in the last hour – this can not be news to them, surely?

“The same thing happens every year when I submit my tax return just before midnight on January 31st – the website inevitably crashes.

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“I don’t know what sort of lazy sods they have building these websites, but it needs to change, obviously.

“Sorry, but I’ve got to go now, I was meant to be at work ten minutes ago.”