Our first female leader worked out great, Britain reminds United States

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After Democrats had hailed Hillary Clinton as the first female presidential nominee, Britain reminded them that a lunatic is a lunatic, regardless of gender.

Clinton is now the presumptive nominee for president, and will go head to head against genuine lunatic Donald Trump in November’s election.

British voters have told those Americans celebrating a potential female commander in chief that maybe they should look to other examples around the world before blindly assuming a woman leader is a good thing.

Basingstoke resident Simon Williams told us, “We have some experience of female leaders, and it’s not necessarily the land of milk and honey you’re expecting.

“You’re going to develop something called ‘yuppies’ before you know it, and then there’ll be rioting in the streets when she tries to implement the poll tax – I know because I’ve seen it happen.

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“I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but when you lose your home after interest rates reach 15% because you’ve lost your job, she won’t be very popular.

“On the plus side, if you’re doing alright already, I think you’re going to really enjoy the ride!”

However, American voters said their recollection of the Thatcher years was very different.

Voter Chuck Matthews told us, “When I think of Thatcher’s reign, I think of a unifying force that brought the whole country together behind a common belief in what is best for everyone.

“Why are you laughing?”