Extending voter registration deadline is the wrong sort of democracy, insist Vote Leave

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Vote Leave campaigners, who insist they want to return democracy to the British people, have reacted angrily to news the voter registration deadline is to be extended.

Furious Brexit campaigners claim the electoral registration site was crashed on purpose in a move designed to let more people who are eligible to vote have their say.

“This is an obvious attempt by the government to allow as many people as possible to have a vote in the referendum,” said GetToFuck.EU spokesman Simon Williams.

“In order to bring back democracy to the British people, we shouldn’t be allowing them to vote.

“It would be much fairer if the actual deadline was about three months before the advertised one.”

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Despite the prospect of more people being able to vote, the website crash has given Ukip leader Nigel Farage a new policy idea.

“Swarms of voters flooded on to the Internet but were denied access,” he said.

“I’m now calling for a 504-Gateway-timeout-style immigration system.”

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