Mealy-mouthed Christians refusing to apologise for Richard Huckle

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Christians the world over have been stopped in the street and told to say sorry for someone else’s actions.

Richard Huckle, a Christian on the basis he went to church and told people he was a Christian, committed the kind of horrific acts of child sex abuse that would make Jimmy Saville pause for a second.

“And the rest of his religion needs to apologise for that,” insisted Simon Williams, an atheist cum moron from Shrewsbury.

“I’m not sure why, it’s not like most of them knew him or anything, but still, they need to make their voices heard, for some reason.”

“They just should, alright? Now fuck off.”

Jay Cooper, a 29-year-old Christian, said, “I’ve been harangued in the street six times this week, and the perpetrators weren’t even drunk.

“What this man did was horrible, obviously. I thought it was so horrible that my indignation would be taken as read, but apparently not.

“Yes, he used his Christianity as a cover to commit these horrible acts, but doesn’t make them ‘Christian acts’ – and yes, I know about the Catholic priest thing.

“Anyway…Please don’t tar all of us with the same brush. Some of us are really nice, we hold boot sales and everything.”