Innovative new indoor ‘calling’ feature announced by EE

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EE has announced a new indoor calling feature after tests in a controlled environment saw its network sustain communications between two customers located in adjoining rooms.

The telecommunications giant said years of research had yielded the breakthrough, which it hoped would one day enable its customers to utilise fully the services they already pay for.

A press officer for EE, Simon William, warned the feature was still at an embryonic stage but remained certain it would revolutionise the levels of service endured by its customers.

“Our commitment to giving our customers with the best possible service is as strong as the signal they get when they’re in the kitchen,” he told a Telecoms Expo.

“We confess to being excited at the test results, but even our development struggle to replicate it reliably in all areas of our ‘test homes’.”

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“But if you’re wondering if making phone calls from the comfort of your sofa is one of those performance promises we sometimes make then fail to deliver, then yes, ‘indoor calling’ is precisely one of those promises.”

EE customer, Terry Smith, hoped the indoor calling feature would be rolled out nationwide as soon as possible.

“My 2-bed flat in Clapham might as well be a war-time bunker for all the reception I get – it’s a complete con.

“It’s like giving a company your direct debit details and then suddenly closing the bank account on a whim.


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