US scientists hail breakthrough in using pigs to grow bacon

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A group of US scientists have hailed a new process in which pigs were used to grow bacon.

The team from the University of California injected specially selected pig embryos into female pigs to grow a pig capable of becoming part of your breakfast.

The trials of the technique have been hailed as ‘delicious’, and the process is expected to be industrialised within the next few months.

Lead researcher Chuck Williams told us, “Once grown from the embryo we put nothing into the pig except fruit, vegetables and a few supplements and at the end of the process we get packets upon packets of delicious bacon.

“It’s like one of those magic machines you used to see on Tomorrow’s World. The whole process takes about eight months, but we hope to be able to run our magic bacon machine a bit faster in time.”

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Consumers have welcomed the development, with bacon fan Simon Williams particularly excited.

He told us, “Bacon is really expensive, so it’s about time scientists stopped wasting their time on space and cancer and stuff and found a cheaper more efficient way of making of bacon.

“To be honest, this bacon machine sounds amazing. Can I get one at home?”

The team behind the research said their next plan is to try and use cows to grow steaks.

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