New EU law forces restaurants to stay open after dark during Ramadan

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Restaurant workers are being forced to work well into the early hours after the EU mandated the industry must to cater for Muslims observing Ramadan.

The new ruling, which came into force this morning, was seen as necessary to ensure fasting Muslims have a choice of places to eat once their fast concludes at sundown.

Restaurant worker Simon Williams told us, “My shift finishes at 10pm normally, but now I’ve been told I have to work until 1am to cater for the waves of hungry Muslims that will turn up about 9:17pm.

“I don’t even get overtime, just my normal hourly rate. It’s disgusting.”

EU spokesperson Jaques Guilliames explained that the new rules were brought in to ensure fairness for all European citizens.

He told us, “Muslims observing Ramadan should not be discriminated against by the restaurant trade just because they can’t eat between 2:46 am and 9:17 pm.

“It’s important we in the EU ensure they have an equal opportunity to enjoy restaurant food cooked for them, and at a time that is convenient for them.”

Restaurant owners have almost unanimously criticised the change to the law, claiming that workers will be forced to work longer hours and travel home after public transport has stopped.

Jake Matthews, the owner of the Grilled Trout restaurant in Basingstoke, told us, “EU commissioners have no idea what it’s like to work in the restaurant trade, so how dare some £150k a year bureaucrat tell me I’ve got to stay open until one in the morning just so the local Muslims can eat.

“It’s political correctness gone mad. We need to leave the EU as soon as possible!

“Well, unless they want to book 150 covers a night, in which case my door is always open.”