Foreign rapists could put hardworking British rapists on the scrapheap, warns Nigel Farage

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Nigel Farage has warned that remaining in the EU would be a disaster for decent British rapists.

With Eastern European criminals already cornering the market in ATM fraud and overseas grooming gangs putting our nonces to shame, Farage insists rapey Brits are next for the chop.

“Back in the seventies and eighties, Britain had a thriving network of organised paedophile gangs that were the envy of the world.

“It’s only British footballers that are keeping today’s sex offending figures respectable.”

Mr Farage went on to accuse Remain campaigners of purposely talking down the contribution of British criminals to UK crime figures.

“If you’re British and the ringleader of a criminal operation you’re a crime boss, but foreigners are called crime lords.

“How can that be fair?!

“It’s another example of the establishment EU elites running our country down.”

Violent thug Simon Williams backed Mr Farage’s views and insisted that it’s not just in the UK that the behaviour of British criminals is going unrecognised.

“I’ve read stuff about these immigrants urinating and having sex in the street, but compared to my antics in Magaluf last year, that’s fucking child’s play!

“I’ve dedicated years of my life to striking fear into the hearts of the British public, and yet they’re shitting themselves before migrants even get in a dinghy.”