Monday 6 June 2016 by Spacey

Britain First disappointed to discover Richard Huckle isn’t a Muslim

Britain First

After British paedophile Richard Huckle is jailed for abusing up to 200 Malaysian children, Britain First reveal their disappointment at discovering he’s not a Muslim.

Huckle had presented himself as a practising Christian in order to deceive people, a tactic also employed by Britain First leader Paul Golding.

A statement on Britain First’s Facebook page read:

“Despite our best efforts we have been unable to find any links between Richard Huckle and Muslamic groups, such as Al-Showaddy-Waddy, Procul Harum or Hakuna Matata.

“We couldn’t even find any links with the Mare of London Chaka Khan.

It’s a shame, but as a White British Christian he’s just not the kind of paedo we’re interested in.”

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