Administrative error sees June replaced by February

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A meteorological administrative mistake has seen February appear after May, instead of the traditional June.

“It’s a peculiar state of affairs,” said BBC weather presenter and proper scientist Carol Kirkwood.

“After May was finished, from a meteorological point of view, we expected to see June arrive with some balmy sunny days and the opportunity to wear inappropriately skimpy clothes and eat ice-cream by the bucket.

“However, an administrative error seems to have resulted in February appearing for a second time this year with all its attendant grey, cold weather and lashings of rainstorms.”

Ms Kirkwood said that she was trying to take appropriate action to rectify the mistake.

“The problem is that there is an awful lot of bureaucracy involved in the weather these days, so it’s difficult to know exactly which department can deal with it.”

However, people in the North of England were unaware of any issue.

“Don’t know what the problem is,” said whippet repairman Simon Williams.

“It’s been banging weather in Manchester. Non-stop sunshine, or as we said in the nineties sun-she-ine.”

But Ms Kirkwood was quick to explain.

“No, that’s because Manchester has no real concept of either sunshine or summer, so they remain largely unaffected by the problems the rest of us are having.”

It is expected that if the mistake cannot be rectified, the UK will simply dip into the EU sunshine stockpile to see us through to the end of the month when, all being well, July should appear as expected.