It’s not scaremongering if you should be genuinely terrified, clarifies Cameron

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David Cameron told the electorate last night that it’s not scaremongering when every single one of us should be absolutely petrified of what might happen if we leave the EU.

While being challenged by members of the public in a question and answer session on the EU referendum, Cameron defended the Remain campaign against accusations of scaremongering.

He told the audience, “Scaremongering, by its very definition, is making people scared of things they don’t need to be scared of.

“Whereas I’m merely telling you to be scared of something that is utterly terrifying. If I didn’t scare you, I wouldn’t be doing my job properly.

“It is the role of the Prime Minister to keep the country informed about things that you should be frightened of, and I’m telling you now if you aren’t crapping your pants about leaving the EU then you’re not getting the right information.”

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Brexit supporters said the Prime Minister showed how desperate the Remain campaign have become, to rely on such scare tactics.

As one explained, “He needs to focus on the real issues, like how staying in the EU will mean millions of immigrants from Turkey coming here to steal our jobs, blow us up and leave us penniless.”